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Next Steps in Public Engagement

Next Steps is a platform where people making public engagement happen can suggest, present and discuss the wider challenges facing the sector, helping contribute to changes in how we work now and in future.

Over 2022-23 we are hosting a series of open, in-depth learning spaces under the theme of ‘Shaping our Sector’, addressing how the Public Engagement workforce can better reflect the diversity of the research community and wider public.

We are exploring these topics over three sessions for public engagement professionals to discuss how we can make a difference in our own sector.

You can get involved by:

Reading our Session One Recap about how we attract the people we need. Let us know your thoughts and comments!

Joining our mailing list to hear about what comes out of our second session How do we retain and nourish a diverse workforce?

Looking forward to our final workshop – How do we change how we think about this? (Spring / Summer 2023)

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These workshops aim to explore how we can change the way we recruit, support and think about how we bring people into public engagement roles in ways that can expand the range of experience we represent.

These will feed into a conference informed by the thoughts and views of public engagement with research professionals, inviting funders and power brokers to engage with these and collaborate to explore solutions.

Next Steps emerged from the Next Steps Conference in 2020, created by Cassie Hugill and Dan Taylor as a way to have more in-depth conversations about essential questions underlying our practice as professionals. Read more here.

It is run by a team of Cassie Hugill, Dan Taylor, Faye Watson, Deanne Naula and Naomi Asantewa.

This work is funded by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how to get involved join our mailing list for updates or contact us directly.

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